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  • Stafford Wilson

What Does Science Have to Do with Christianity?

In Timothy, Paul railed against so-called science referring to the philosophies at the time. Science has to do with knowledge, and Paul knew that true science was a correct understanding of God and His laws

governing man and the universe. It is the knowledge of God through Jesus Christ that we come to know God. The ten commandments as well as the Sermon on the Mount constitute the science of Christianity or Christian Science.

Every science is based on laws that can be demonstrated or proved. The science of mathematics and music are two exact sciences that admit to no mistakes. They must be learned thoroughly. Otherwise, we end up making mistakes resulting in confusion and discord. Christian Science is based on the Word of God and is a practical religion that everyone can prove for himself. It is true science because it is not based on guesswork or conjecture. Jesus gave the true understanding of God, man, and the universe. Confusion arises in the many interpretations of the gospel of Christ because of a lack of spiritual understanding.

Christian Science gives the correct interpretation of Jesus’ teaching. Jesus says, If any man will do His will he will know whether His teaching is from Himself personally or whether it is of God. Christian

Science is saying the same thing. Read the book, Science, and Health with Key to the Scripture by Mary

Baker Eddy and prove for yourself if it doesn’t clarify your understanding of the Scriptures. Moreover,

the truths it presents will set you free from sin, disease, and even the last enemy, death for Jesus proved

the science He taught.

Ponder the truths this great book sets forth.

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Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy

The Bible: 1 Timothy 6:20; Dan 1:4



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