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  • Stafford Wilson

What is Christian Metaphysics?

A dictionary defines metaphysics as the philosophical study of the ultimate cause and underlying nature of things. In Christian Science the word is given a holier and higher meaning: it is a healing and redemptive system based upon the understanding of God’s allness and the nothingness of matter and evil. To the Christian Science healer matter and evil have no real existence since God, Spirit did not and could not create His opposite.

Mary Baker Eddy defines metaphysics in the Christian Science Textbook as follows: Metaphysics is

above physics and matter does not enter into the metaphysical premises or conclusions. The

categories of metaphysics rest on one basis, the divine Mind. Metaphysics resolves things into

thoughts and exchanges the objects of sense for the ideas of the Soul. ( p. 269:11-16)

In plain language what Christian Science teaches is that behind every disease and experience

is a mental state. Our thoughts find expression in our bodies and experiences. This means that a

disease is a false belief, or error, manifested in the body, but it has no real power or reality. To

heal it or cast it out we deny it and replace it with a spiritual truth for truth is error’s antidote.

In other words, we exchange the object of sense, the disease, for the ideas of spiritual ideas of

Soul and Spirit.

This is the metaphysical healing system that our dear Leader discovered and left us a rich

legacy; the exact method used by our Lord, Jesus Christ.

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