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  • Stafford Wilson

How Does Christian Science Heal?

In Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures Mrs. Eddy, the founder, and leader of Christian Science says if God were understood instead of merely believed, this understanding would establish health (p.203: 6-7); and she goes on to say that it is our false views of life that hide eternal harmony and produce the ills which we complain. ( P. 62: 29-30 ).

Through Christian Science, we gain a totally new understanding of God and a changed view of

man: perfect God and perfect man. A perfect God could not create an imperfect man. Nor could

the man that God created become imperfect. It follows that the imperfect man we behold with

our senses is not the man God created but a misconception of man, a false view of man. That is

why Jesus tells us to deny that self, take up the cross, and follow Him. Be ye therefore perfect

as our heavenly Father is perfect. Put off the old man, our Lord, and Paul exhort us.

That old concept of man as mortal and material and subject to sin, disease, and death must be

given up for the new man created in the likeness of God, perfect. The mortal man, therefore,

made up of flesh and blood must be exchanged for the real man, and when we identify

ourselves with the true man we gradually wake up to realize who we really are.

It is in this spiritual awakening, this understanding of the truth of our real being that healing takes

place. Thus we see how unnecessary is our suffering for the Scriptures

tell us that God does not

afflict us ( Job 37:23). The lie that man is mortal and material and subject to disease and

suffering must be denied and set aside or nullified by the omnipotence of Truth.

This lesson might be hard for many Christians to accept, but I would ask them to reread this

presentation and ponder it deeply. I will expand on this healing method in future lessons for this

is what Christian Science is all about.

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