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  • Stafford Wilson

If Evil Is Unreal. Why Do We Need to Destroy It?

If Evil Is Unreal ,Why Do We Need to Destroy It?

Ms. Eddy tells us that God creates all that is real, harmonious, good, and eternal; and that He

created all that is made, and so we see that evil was not created. It is important to understand that

as far as God is concerned evil does not exist ,but it appears to be real to human erring belief. It is

because evil seems real to us that we have to grapple with it until it disappears from our lives.

Divine Principle ,perfect Love, cannot know or experience evil. Therefore, it stands to reason that the man He made cannot know or experience it either. From the basis of this understanding we can refute and cast out of our consciousness all forms of evil as unreal.

We do this by knowing the allness of God ,good and the nothingness of evil. We must fearlessly face

evil or any form of inharmony and denounce it as a lying, false ,belief and by realizing the

omnipotence and omnipresence of God. In Christian Science we are taught not to take evil as

being personal, or to ascribe cause or truth to it, but to know that it is nothing, no person, place, or thing


We prove that evil is nothing when we turn wholeheartedly to God and realize our unity with Him .If our

work is properly done, the evil disappears.


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The Bible. 11 Corinthians10:4 ; 1 Thessalonians2:7



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