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  • Stafford Wilson

If God is Good and Almighty, Why Does He Allow Evil Things to Happen?

Not understanding God we make mistakes, but they're no mistakes or errors in God. That is why it is so important to understand God as divine Principle, and that is precisely why Jesus came- to give us an understanding that we may know the true God or the Spirit of Truth. (Jn 5:20). Christian Science teaches that Jesus gave us the true understanding of God, hence the reason for our faith in Him. Mrs. Eddy tells us that we cannot choose for ourselves what we want to believe but must work out our salvation the way He taught.

Jesus tells us that if we follow His teachings we would be set free. Free from what? Free from the evils that plague our lives. Remember there is no evil in God, infinite good. Evil is unreal, deceptive, and

unknown to God. When we turn to God and do His will we are instantly or gradually set free from the

lie of evil. Because human beings do not acknowledge God, we ignore the truth and reap the errors we sow. It is not God punishing us; it’s us being ignorant and not knowing God. It's just like an ignorant child making mistakes in mathematics, but as soon as he is taught the right concepts and applies them he gets the problem right. It is just that simple, but it calls for much prayerful work.

If God knew evil there would be no help for us. There would be no way of working out our salvation, for what God knows must be true, eternal. and good. Evil would be good and good evil. That’s just like saying that light knows darkness which is absurd. As our leader says: Evil is an awful deception without any reality that Truth can know. As we grow closer to God, evil disappears from our lives.

Cited Sources:

The Bible: James 4:11; 1 John 5:20

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